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The site is all about Tinkerbell, our favorite little pixie. For now we have cool tinkerbell wallpapers, coloring pages, pictures, eCards,image Gallery, dress up games and tinkerbell tattoos.
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What's new

August 22, 2005

Welcome to TinkFanatic! Today the site is officially launched, Yee-Ha! As the lucky first viewers you have only 24 hours to download everything in the site for FREE…just kidding, of course you can always download stuff in this site for your personal use for free. Did I say the site is all about Tinkerbell, our favorite little pixie? For now we have cool tinker background, wallpaper, icon, coloring pages, pictures, cards and tinker tattoos. And you can play the dressed-up game in, you guessed it, Tinker style. Her wardrobe will be crammed in the future, I promise. We are also adding tinkerbell crafts soon. So do check it out often. Meanwhile we are dying to hear your opinions about the site. Any suggestion will be welcome. If you have any pictures or artwork or collections of Tinkerbell, we would love to show them here. E-mail us or leave your words here.

October 2, 2005

The first update of TinkFanatic is done. To celebrate Halloween, we add more Halloween-themed Tinkerbell pictures, wallpapers, personal checks and Tinkerbell tattoo design. Of course, it won't be a happy Halloween without some costumes for Tinkerbell. A new dress up game of Tinkerbell with Halloween costumes has been uploaded. And, don't forget to send a Tinkerbell card to your friend to wish them a happy Halloween. We are sure this Halloween will be a very special one for you as it is for Tinker.

So to all Tink Fanatics, Happy Tinker Halloween! :-)
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